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 Our candle vigil will burn bright on our website for as long as we continue to lose loved ones.

Our prayers and blessings go out to their loved ones and our collective grieving community.  

We speak your names! May the creator guide you all. Ase/Amen



To our Somali Muslim sisters, brothers and allies, Allah ha ni naxariisto. Insha'Allah Allah (S.W.T) grant you              Jannah Fardows. Ameen Ya Rabbi.

To our beloved sister and elder, you bought laughter where there were none. You bought kindness, where it was unexpected. You will forever be loved and remembered. May the Creator Guide You.  Ase/Amen.


We are grieving an unimaginable loss as a community. We have lost and continue to lose many members of our communities. The multiple pandemics of opioid, Covid-19, myriad of curable and incurable diseases, gun violence.. and the ever present systemic violence have cost and continue to take the lives of many community members old and young!  

May the Creator guide you all.  Ase/Amen. 


How you can help? We are asking you, our fellow Canadians to make an “Equitable Action for Change." For us this can be in the form of financial or item donations, volunteering, or by providing support through free education and training to our Peer Support Workers and/or community members. 


If you are interested in supporting our communities then we will accept donations via: e-transfer, direct deposit and cash. Your financial support will be greatly appreciated and will allow us to do our work. In return you will receive a certificate that highlights your contribution, and how your financial contribution has helped others. You might be able use your contribution for accounting and tax reduction as allowed.

If you have any partnership, collaboration, facilitation idea, or other form of contribution please call us

Telephone: 416-518-4824

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