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Welcome/Karibuni Jamaa - Do you want to become a Member?

Equitable Action for Change Members are individuals who agree with and fully support our Vision, Mission and Service mandates. Our members support our work through their strong leadership in public support, advocacy - demanding policy changes, leading in community engagements as well as event volunteering.                               We salute our membership.

Help Us support marginalized communities. 

Thank you for your support. 

Membership Eligibility: Membership Applications will be reviewed by the Equitable Action for Change Board of Directors for approval.                                         *By completing an application for membership with Equitable Action for Change each Applicant is agreeing to Equitable Action for Change Vision, Mission and Service Mandate which can be found on this website. Members must meet the following requirements for each year of membership; 

- Contribute 48 hours of Volunteer service annually.

- Pay an annual membership fee determined by the Board. 

- Nomination from the Board. 

Your membership is integral in our growth and future development for an equitable service delivery. Make an Equitable Impact today. 

Get Involved: Get Involved
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